• Chicago Creatives Interview

    Posted on September 10, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Interview by Chicago Creatives  – https://chicagocreatives.wordpress.com/2015/09/10/the-lie/

    What’s going on everybody, back with another post. This time I was able to sit down and speak with an artist known as The Lie. Jay Turner, or The Lie, graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg with a degree in Game Art & Design. After college he spent some time working as a package designer/illustrator. The Lie has a very unique style of artwork and has a cool story, so check out the interview below!

    • What’s going on man, why don’t you introduce yourself to those who don’t know who you are.

    – My name is Jay Turner aka Lie.

    • When it comes to art, do you think that artists should describe the true message behind their piece of art? Or should it be up to the viewer’s imagination?